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Pawn Broker

Pawn Broker

Hidden in the depths of Miami’s towering financial district, at first glance- only a subtle echo in the warm skies, once discovered though, now that’s when it all begins … 

You’ll share a ‘cheers’ with the art dealer from Stockholm, in town to organize an exhibit in Wynwood. Sip on a Pawn Broker classic cocktail with the Documentary Director from New York, in town every other week for his Discovery Channel documentary. Or be out on the decadent terrace, gazing at the beauty of the sun setting, with the Italian artist who sells her goods in Miami’s Design District.

In a city of cliques, difficult to permeate, it’s easy to feel like an outsider. Miami locals, The Pubbelly Boys have established a classy and chic new member to the city’s cocktail scene, a venue that thaws through the conventional Miami stereotype. With a delicate hint of exclusivity, the Pubbelly Boys have deep rooted a feel good, approachable vibe throughout the bar.

The trio have crafted a scene where you can sit by the bar for a drink alone and then find yourself sharing stories with people you hardly know.  A place for the wanderer, the traveler, the discoverer …